Crown Royalties Services

Our client, one of Canada’s largest oil and gas companies, pays significant Crown Royalties in Alberta and qualifies for a variety of royalty incentives. Similar to many other large companies, this company employed very talented in-house royalty experts and at times had 3rd party services assist on value added projects. 

DMA’s oil and gas professionals partnered with our client to identify Crown Royalty credits and allowances and to reduce its Crown Royalty liability. Learn how DMA's review process netted nearly $3 million in additional tax savings for our client.

We were conducting our filings completely and efficiently with our in-house royalty experts, but asked DMA to take a second look. 

DMA not only discovered eligible costs we had missed; they found an erroneous denial on our original application for royalty incentives on a number of wells.
When all was said and done, we saved nearly $3 million, making DMA a priceless partner!

Tax Director Canada Oil and Gas Company

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