Business Licenses

Business license and permit compliance is often a burden for most companies, so DMA offers Business License & Permit Services to alleviate this administrative burden for your organization. Our solution is customized to your operations and is scalable based on the changing needs of your business.

Our Business License & Permit Services are provided by tax professionals who utilize established best practices and have extensive experience dealing with multiple jurisdictions and numerous notices.

We begin each engagement with an onsite implementation to ensure a customized project plan. Source data is accumulated depending on your specific filing obligations. We then prepare all documents and review for accuracy. You can be assured that DMA will timely file required documents and pay any corresponding fees on your behalf, once funded by you. For your reference, we also provide you with a report detailing the services provided. DMA also maintains the records for you, provides online web access to all documents, manages all notices and responds as necessary on your behalf.

DMA’s state-specific tax professionals work with you as an extension of your tax department

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